Country Club for Dogs & Cats

Serving Rhode Island
for Over 53 Years


Serving Rhode Island
for Over 53 Years
Facility Tours Welcome

Office Hours for Checking In and Picking Up  We charge by the day.  Check-in and Check-out is any time during our hours from 9am to 5:45pm except on Sunday, Wednesday and all major holidays When picking up if you have scheduled grooming on the day you pick up, you must call first to make sure your pet is ready; call after 1:00 p.m.  Remember to claim all your pets belongings.  When your pet arrives home, let them settle in and relax, before you offer them water.  They will be glad to see you. Charges are figured by the day. (Day in thru day out).

Forms of Payment For Services  We accept only checks or cash for payment.  Sorry, but no credit cards. Please remember that the State of Rhode Island requires us to collect their 7% State Sales Tax on all services which does include boarding, grooming & training.

1st Visit Introductory Night's Stay FREE Stress Buster Offer

By bringing in your pet for one free weekday night before your trip, you let him, her or them see how much fun we have with our "guests" and your pet will also realize that staying at Delmyra Country Club is a fun-filled way to spend one's time away from home.  Most importantly, they see that they get to go back home, and that's very important.  Like a  child at camp, pets have a ball at Delmyra Country Club but also love their reunions with the family when they're picked up. 

The FREE introductory night also puts the pet owner at ease and relieves a great deal, if not all, of the anxiety that first time boarders might experience. 

Bonus! Free PlaytimeIf you indicate you saw this offer on the Delmyra Country Club Web Site we will provide your pet with a free playtime during the introductory night with us.

Delmyra Facility Tours Provided
Finally one of the most important features of Delmyra is the fact that all owners are encouraged to take a guided tour of the facility, before or when they bring their pet in to vacation.  They can see where their pets are bathed and where they sleep and play.  At Delmyra your pet will not mysteriously disappear behind a closed door - you can see for yourselves how your pet will vacation. Call for a visit - we love to hear about your pet!

Please contact us if you have any questions.

191 Ten Rod Road, Exeter, RI 02822
Ph. 401-294-3247 

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