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Dear Ruth, Scott & Staff,  I just wanted to thank you for your kindness. You were the only kennel that was willing to take a stray-dog in. I also want to thank you all for your love & compassion you gave to "Buddy - Angel - Rosebud", in her time of need. Also, thank you for allowing us to come visit her, I know that could get tiring. You have a wonderful kennel & a great staff, they were always so nice and caring too.  Ruth, I wish you could of seen "Angel" when she left, she was so happy - she knew she was finally going home. It was so hard for me to let go, I cried for a week but I knew she was going to a loving home with very caring people. I couldn't of asked for a better ending. I am very grateful to you and your staff. Make sure you check out suede's website, "Angel" updates are on it and pictures too.  Thank you again. Michelle









Need to Know Information.....

Office Hours for Checking In and Picking Up....
          We charge by the day.  Check-in and Check-out is any time during our hours from 9am to 5:45pm except on Sunday,
          Wednesday and all major holidays.

When picking up   If you have scheduled grooming on the day you pick up, you must call first to make sure your pet is ready; call after 1:00 p.m.  Remember to claim all your pets belongings.  When your pet arrives home, let them settle in and relax, before you offer them water.  They will be glad to see you.

Things to Remember  When dropping off please have your pet wait outside while you check in

  1. Pets inoculation record.

  2. Mark all belongings brought in with the pet.

  3. Pets Luggage: If you bring their food, have the container marked with Name & Feed Directions.

  4. Pets medication (when necessary)

  5. Where owner is going (location & phone number)

  6. Local emergency #

  7. Name & number of Person Picking Up   We will not release a pet to anyone other than the owner, unless approved at time of drop off and only to the person and date so designated by the owner at the time of drop off.

  8. Charges are figured by the day. (Day in thru day out).

Forms of Payment For Services  We accept only checks or cash for payment.  Sorry, but no credit cards. Please remember that the State of Rhode Island requires us to collect their 7% State Sales Tax on all services which does include boarding, grooming & training.

Vaccination Requirements  Vaccinations are required for the protection of your own pet's health and the health of other boarding pets. If your pet's vaccinations are not current, arrangements can be made to have these vaccinations administered and you will be responsible for any charges incurred, plus a service charge for transportation to the veterinarian. Bring your receipt or the vaccination record that is provided by your veterinarian. When you have your pet's vaccinations updated, be sure to bring the new record with you next time you board with us.   If you have any questions about attaining vaccination records, just call your veterinarian or Delmyra staff we will be happy to help you.


         DHLPP   Distemper series - must be current according to veterinarians protocol
         RABIES  Must be current within one, two or three years depending on the vaccination your vet uses
         BORDETELLA  Must be current within one year. This is a protection from upper respiratory problems or Canine Cough


          FVRCP    Upper Respiratory - must be current according to veterinarians protocol.
          RABIES   Must be current within one, two or three years depending on the vaccination your vet uses.

Rates (effective 09/15/2018)

  Small Dogs   - Under 20 lbs. 30 per day
  Med to Large - 21 lbs. & up $33 per day
    - Executive Suites - starting at $50 per day
  Townhouse Suites W/Window $25 per day
  Condo W/Window $18 per day
  Multiple Pets sharing the same run Additional charges

Medications are an additional cost.  Daily fees are based on day in thru day out.

Diets  While in our care, we monitor all of your pet's eating and bathroom habits.  If any problems arise, we will consult with our veterinary, your veterinarian and/or you, as needed. Premium pet food is included in the boarding fees. You are certainly welcome to bring your own diet to maintain consistence with your home environment,.  If you choose to bring your own, please make sure it is in sealed, safe, containers, with your pet's name and their feeding instructions on the container.  You do not have to bring bowls, or measuring cups. For your Petís Safety only bring toys and beddings that will be safe.  FREE night only on a weekday night - before your trip.

1st Visit Introductory Night's Stay - FREE Stress Buster Offer
By bringing in your pet for one free weekday night before your trip, you let him, her or them see how much fun we have with our "guests" and your pet will also realize that staying at Delmyra Country Club is a fun-filled way to spend one's time away from home.  Most importantly, they see that they get to go back home, and that's very important.  Like a  child at camp, pets have a ball at Delmyra Country Club but also love their reunions with the family when they're picked up.  The FREE introductory night also puts the pet owner at ease and relieves a great deal, if not all, of the anxiety that first time boarders might experience.

Bonus! Free Playtime
If you indicate you saw this offer on the Delmyra Country Club Web Site we will provide your pet with a free playtime during the introductory night with us

Free Training Evaluation
During your pets FREE overnight stay with us we would be happy to do, at your request, a free training potential evaluation.

Delmyra Facility Tours Provided  Finally one of the most important features of Delmyra is the fact that all owners are encouraged to take a guided tour of the facility, before or when they bring their pet in to vacation.  They can see where their pets are bathed and where they sleep and play.  At Delmyra your pet will not mysteriously disappear behind a closed door - you can see for yourselves how your pet will vacation. Call for a visit - we love to hear about your pet!


Serving Rhode Island for Over 53 Years - Facility Tours are Always Welcome

Scott & Ruth Gordon, Owners & Operators Since 1976
Delmyra Country Club, Established 1958, by George & Addella Erwing

Charter Members American Boarding Kennel Assoc. (Currently - PCSA)

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PO Box 74, Exeter, RI 02822
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