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DELMYRA DOG & CAT PET GROOMING - A Fresh Smelling Pet - Is a Joy to Own!

Grooming Your Pet.....

Grooming can be arranged when your pet arrives.  In our modern grooming area we can provide all services including comb-outs, clips, manicures and baths.  Delmyra also offers a line of premium pet care products and retail.

Complimentary Grooming Consultations are available upon request.  We recommend a maintenance brushing schedule for long-haired dogs while boarding.




For Professional Grooming Appointments
Call (401) 294-3247 or Email

Bathing Services.....  Everyone loves a fresh, clean pet!  Every bathing treatment includes comb-out of coat, bathing and drying. We offer room-temperature, in-cage drying with surround air flow in order to make your pet as comfortable as possible.  Delmyra's bathing services are for both dogs and cats providing regular and medicated baths, flea and tick treatments, nail clipping, and anal checks, etc.   In our specially equipped facilities, we'll take your pet from tub to towel. . no fuss, no muss!

Full Service Grooming & Special Styling....
Includes our standard bath, plus hand scissoring per breed-specific standards and/or to owner's specifications, including the trimming of pasterns, hocks, tail, hair in-between the toes, and furnishings. Ask our staff for suggested styles and treatments or products to make your pet look and feel their best.   Our professional grooming staff will help your pet look and feel their best by cutting, clipping, brushing and even polishing nails if requested. Your pet can be polished and pampered to look his or her best!  We offer the finishing touches: Bows and Bandanas. Inquire with our pet care professionals for suggested treatments or products for your pet. 

Nail Trims......  Delmyra groomers can provide dog or cat toenail trims while your pet is in for boarding - request a nail trim at check-in.

Coat Conditioners.....
During your pet's bath we can apply a conditioner to it's coat to add luster and sheen. In addition to enhancing the appearance of the coat a conditioner will add essential oils to the hair and skin.

Flea Treatments......
Whenever treating a pet for fleas we recommend that the pet owner also treat the home, yard, and car to ensure successful eradication. If your pet is on an oral or topical flea treatment please inform us. We recommend repeating a flea treatment in seven to ten days for best results.





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